About Us

Our Approach

Fikarmand Welfare society is the effort of all the Fikarmands who care about the society and can’t stand watch the degradation of Humanity and Human values. All Fikarmand is a responsible adult and youth of society and have alot to contribute to the betterment of their respective places. Here every Fikarmand have own voice and unique opinion and a progressive point of view towards the situation. 

No fikarmand feels down when he/She see the bad side of society and show hollow concerns and then move on. a Fikarmand sees every problem as an opportunity to serve their people. Who ever they maybe. A Fikarmand dont see color creed or religion. A Fikarmand sees a Human as a human and responses degnifiedly. 

Our Story

Fikarmand started as minor effort towards the betterment of the society. the best way to change the society is to educate the oblivious and ignorant about the things that matter and how they can learn and survive and thrive to their full potential.

Considering that Fikarmand have been organizing minor awareness Events for the youth of Two state Punjab and Haryana. Currently Fikarmand society is active in Rajpura city and Ambala city. Where member of corprate world worker and society member give one to two days of every week to the activities of Fikarmand. Fikarmand have never looked for the alike minded people they always join us one step at a time.



CEO & Founder
Harrison Associates &
Fikarmand Welfare Society